An Exploration of Light for Comm 370


Night & Light – Stars

I wanted to try and get some star trails but unfortunately it didn’t work out. I’m glad that I was able to get a few good pictures from that night anyway. I reduced the noise on the photos as well as increased saturation.


Editing – Borders

To get these borders I just followed the tutorials in the book. This was also I chance for me to post some of my other favorite macro light painting.


For these portraits I did some basic edits to smooth out their skin mostly because it was cold out and they had red noises. I don’t really shoot portraits much so I don’t have that much practice. I didn’t realize it at the time I was taking all these photos but none of them were really ever looking at the camera. I kind of like how they turned out though.

Action Blur & Freeze:

For my blurred action I wanted to make it look like a ghost was in the stairway looking down. I chose to shot through the mirror because I thought it make the ghost shot a little more authentic, like the ghost could only be seen through a haunted mirror or something. It was a little too light for me to open my shutter as long as I wanted so I had to use a neutral density filter to cut the light down. My freezing action shot could be thought of in both uses of the word.

Macro Abstract:

For this photo I overlayed the old rusty door over the old-fashioned doorbell. I liked the soft light overlay the best to give an old time photo type of feel. I like how the rust shows through onto the wood door.

Reverse Shallow Depth:


I must say that I am liking Photomatix. It is fast and easy to get great realistic results. I was super surprised at the results I got with just the one shot of the old hand crank sewing machine.