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Photo Contest

I chose to enter BYU-Idaho Photographics Society Print contest on the 28th of February. The theme of the contest was layers. I decided to do 3 different interpretations of layers, one edited and two unedited. Here are the entries:

The first photo of the water drop in the flower was taken using macro extension tubes. I enjoy macro photography because it allows you to see the small details that make up the world around us. I thought this photo represented the layer theme because of the layers of petals that make up the flower.

The dredge was photographed just after the sun went down. A spot light was used to “paint” the dredge which allowed for it to show up on the camera censor. There could be many interpretations on how this photo represents layers. There are layers of shovels on the dredge itself, it was used to dig through layers of earth to find gold, or maybe even layers of light was used to create this photograph.

The final photo was created using layers in Photoshop. I used a tripod and burst mode on my camera to take multiple photos. I then loaded them into Photoshop layers and masked out the subject on the layers below.

Here is a link the the BYU-I Photographics Society website:


Water Drops

Here is some of my favorites from my first attempt at photographing water drops.

All of the following photos of water drops were taken straight from the camera with no additional editing.

The following are some photos that I took of man made dew drops. Just because it’s cold outside and there are no flowers growing doesn’t mean you can’t take some indoor shots and fake the dew drops.

Me and the set up I made to take these shots

Another angle

Poster Print

The Ladybug –  24×36

1/26/12 – 3:42 pm – BYUI Green House

Canon 7D – Manual Mode – f/8.0 – 1/200

Stitched multiple shots together in Photoshop, increased saturation and sharpened.

For this photo I used extension tubes to get a good macro shot of the ladybug. I then took photos of the edge of the leaf. I stitched all the leaf shots together and placed the ladybug on to the leaf. This way the edge of the leaf is sharp as well as the ladybug. This image I feel turned out really well. I like the diagonal line the leaf creates in the photo and the ladybug creates a nice focal point. Another reason I chose this photo is because of how sharp everything turned out.


Here is my first attempt at a cinamagraph. This is the only video that I had that I could get to work right so sorry they are of the same scene. I will have to practice some to see if I can get better at them so they get more interesting.

Night & Light – Blurred Lights

These two shot were taken the same way. I just set up my camera on a tripod with a small aperture and a long shutter speed. I just let the cars drive by and leave their lights as trails in the photo. Neither of these photos were edited.

Night & Light – Camera Motion

Rexburg Temple – 2/17/12 9:51 pm – Rexburg, ID – Canon 7D – f/13.0 – 2.0” – 135.0 mm (70.0 mm) – ISO 100 – Tripod, Shutter Release

This photo hasn’t been edited. I was able to get the blur effect by rotating the zoom with the shutter open. I just set up my camera on a tripod and right after I released the shutter I rotated the zoom and the camera captures it as blurred lines.


Night & Light – Light Painting

All of these photos were taken using a little different technique.

The Dredge is unedited. That we just set a long shutter release on the camera and painted the dredge with a spot light. There was just a little residual light that made the sky look really blue. The camera was even able to capture some stars.

Retired Mining Trucks is a combination of two photos. I combined the photos of the light painted trucks with the photo of the stars. The only editing done was noise reduction on the stars.

HDR Light Painting was done by taking five different versions of light painting on the trucks and loading them into photomatics and let it do its thing. I was surprised that I got a star trail in the result.

The Light Painted Flower was a result of five different photos put together using masks in Photoshop. I wanted to do a macro light painting and I also wanted to try Eric Curry’s technique and this was the result of combining the two.