An Exploration of Light for Comm 370

Photo Contest

I chose to enter BYU-Idaho Photographics Society Print contest on the 28th of February. The theme of the contest was layers. I decided to do 3 different interpretations of layers, one edited and two unedited. Here are the entries:

The first photo of the water drop in the flower was taken using macro extension tubes. I enjoy macro photography because it allows you to see the small details that make up the world around us. I thought this photo represented the layer theme because of the layers of petals that make up the flower.

The dredge was photographed just after the sun went down. A spot light was used to “paint” the dredge which allowed for it to show up on the camera censor. There could be many interpretations on how this photo represents layers. There are layers of shovels on the dredge itself, it was used to dig through layers of earth to find gold, or maybe even layers of light was used to create this photograph.

The final photo was created using layers in Photoshop. I used a tripod and burst mode on my camera to take multiple photos. I then loaded them into Photoshop layers and masked out the subject on the layers below.

Here is a link the the BYU-I Photographics Society website:


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