An Exploration of Light for Comm 370

Water Drops

Here is some of my favorites from my first attempt at photographing water drops.

All of the following photos of water drops were taken straight from the camera with no additional editing.

The following are some photos that I took of man made dew drops. Just because it’s cold outside and there are no flowers growing doesn’t mean you can’t take some indoor shots and fake the dew drops.

Me and the set up I made to take these shots

Another angle


One response

  1. Hey Seth! I hope you get this comment… but I mentioned your fancy speedlight modifier on the Improve Photography podcast and wondered if I could use the photo of you on this blog post. Or, if you’d like me to link to somewhere that I can send people to learn more about it – that’d be great too! Let me know – thanks!

    February 12, 2013 at 10:50 pm

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