An Exploration of Light for Comm 370

Night & Light – Light Painting

All of these photos were taken using a little different technique.

The Dredge is unedited. That we just set a long shutter release on the camera and painted the dredge with a spot light. There was just a little residual light that made the sky look really blue. The camera was even able to capture some stars.

Retired Mining Trucks is a combination of two photos. I combined the photos of the light painted trucks with the photo of the stars. The only editing done was noise reduction on the stars.

HDR Light Painting was done by taking five different versions of light painting on the trucks and loading them into photomatics and let it do its thing. I was surprised that I got a star trail in the result.

The Light Painted Flower was a result of five different photos put together using masks in Photoshop. I wanted to do a macro light painting and I also wanted to try Eric Curry’s technique and this was the result of combining the two.


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