An Exploration of Light for Comm 370

Action Blur & Freeze:

For my blurred action I wanted to make it look like a ghost was in the stairway looking down. I chose to shot through the mirror because I thought it make the ghost shot a little more authentic, like the ghost could only be seen through a haunted mirror or something. It was a little too light for me to open my shutter as long as I wanted so I had to use a neutral density filter to cut the light down. My freezing action shot could be thought of in both uses of the word.


One response

  1. I love the Haunted Stairway picture. I think you have captured nicely the house with Zoe on the stairs. It’s beautifuly done and creative. I enjoy how your pictures are taken from the perfect angles. Great Job!

    February 17, 2012 at 5:29 am

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