An Exploration of Light for Comm 370

Editing: Blending Modes & Type Effects

Tractor Overlay: First thing I did with this picture was added a levels adjustment layer and darkened the exposure just a little. I then increased the vibrance some. I then added a hue/saturation layer and decreased the saturation. I also increased the contrast to help with the old time look of the photo. I then opened the photo of the weathered wood siding and decreased the saturation on it. I switched to color channels and selected just the green channel.  Doing this allowed me to just select grain and pull it over into a new layer on the tractor. I rotated the grain so it ran diagonally to the tractor. I chose the vivid light overlay because of the way it worked with the colors in the picture. I also reduced the opacity to 35%. I then went back to the wood grain picture and drug another layer on to the tractor picture. I rotated this layer as well only slanting in the other direction. For this layer I chose the screen overlay option and reduced the opacity to 50%. I added a mask to this layer and painted with black at 60% to reduce the effect of the overlay on the tractor. I thought the picture would finish off nice with a border. In order for it to look right and not overcrowd the tractor I had to increase the size of the canvas. I then drug the wood siding over into a new layer underneath the tractor. I then used a mask on the tractor layer and painted with black using a jagged brush to give the boarder a rough look.

Stand Out: I started off by opening two pictures, one with the green and red gummy bears and another with just green gummy bears (the one used in the color study post).  I used stencil text to type out “stand out” on the green gummy bears. I sized and positioned it how I wanted and then hid the gummy bear background. I used the magic wand selection tool to select the transparent background around the text and then inversed the selection. I then turned on the gummy bear background and turned off the text layer so that only the gummy bears were selected in the shape of the text. I then moved the selection to a new layer and beveled and embossed the selection and gave it a slight drop shadow. I then moved it over to the picture with the one green gummy bear and sized and positioned it how I wanted. I then selected handwriting text for “in the crowd” and used the same white as where the gummy bear is sitting by using the eyedropper tool. I chose to place this text behind “stand out” to make it stand out a little more.


2 responses

  1. Seth, your tractor blend with the wood overlay is probably my favorite one so far. In the final picture you left the a border around the picture, which really made the rest of the texture stick out. Especially in the bottom right of the photo, where you left a lot of texture. Th blend is really nice and the texture you choose goes well with the old tractor, a great match. As I read the process you took to get this photo I learned a lot too. Great picture!

    January 16, 2012 at 9:40 pm

  2. All your photos were great this week! The color study photos were varied, vibrant, and interesting. And your editing photos are very nice too. I like how you didn’t go overboard on the tractor blend and kept if fairly simple (well, other than the border). The wood pattern just adds a nice texture to it without drawing attention to itself. And the subject matter of your type blend (the gummy bears) was very creative! Excellent work!
    Just two pieces of advice, and they’re both WordPress stuff. First, I would consider making the images in the blog posts a little bit larger. It’s really hard to see any detail at all without clicking on them. But that’s a personal preference. Second, you should change your site’s tagline from the default. To do this, go to [your blog’s url]/wp-admin/options-general.php. It’s the second option down.
    Great work!

    January 18, 2012 at 5:07 pm

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